Szkoła Biblijna

Fundacja Edukacji i Dialogu

Fundacja Edukacji i Dialogu

Courses, conferences and meetings
helping to understand the Bible and build dialogue.

Not all believers can take up theological studies, but all need the Bible as an understandable, life-giving read.

We help believers to deepen their biblical knowledge so that they can boldly reach for the Scriptures, better understand their faith and want to share it with others.

While the choice of available teachings and retreats is vast, we see that more and more people are looking to deepen their biblical knowledge in a holistic and systematic way that will give them a strong, healthy identity. Our programs are prepared in cooperation between lay people and the rector of the Franciscan Theological Seminary in Krakow.

A person reading the Bible
A person reading the Bible

Common meetings and healthy relationships are the beginning of reconciliation and cooperation.

We have experienced that our lives and mission are richer when we are not separated by unnecessary distance and our differences do not obscure our common goals.

So we encourage the laity and clergy to establish fraternal relations and close cooperation.
We work for the reconciliation of Christians and Jews, discovering our common roots of faith. We are committed to building relationships that are personal, lasting, and full of mutual respect for each other’s faith and traditions.

A person reading the Bible

Hope is what everyone is looking for and what the Holy Spirit wants to awaken in us.

Focusing on rapidly changing circumstances, external expectations, and growing conflicts and divisions inevitably leads to discouragement and loss of a sense of purpose. Discovering that God has a plan for His creation and is actively carrying it out allows one to be filled with hope again.

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