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About the foundation

We support in spiritual development

Our mission is to enable every believer to deepen his or her faith. We create spiritual development programs that move the mind and heart. We are looking for new forms of communication – accessible and inspiring for all. We dream of a Church where every believer constantly learns the Word of God and has the courage to live it.

Strengthen attitudes of dialogue and brotherhood

We encourage laity and clergy to establish fraternal relationships. We ourselves experience that our lives and mission are richer when we are not separated by unnecessary distance. We work for ecumenical dialogue and reconciliation, inviting our friends from different Christian traditions to join us. We dream of a humble, ministering and reconciled Church.

We create opportunities for Christians and Jews to meet

We are looking for new ways to meet and understand the Church and Israel. We are committed to building relationships that are personal, lasting and full of mutual respect for the faith and traditions of both parties. We dream of a Church that remembers that salvation comes from the Jews and waits until all Israel is saved.

History and objectives

The Jean Monnet Foundation for Education and Dialogue. Rev. Dr. Peter Hocken was founded in 2015. He creates educational projects that combine the fundamentals of biblical theology with ecumenical, eschatological and charismatic issues. It operates under the auspices of the Krakow Province of the Friars Minor Conventual (Franciscans). A significant contribution to the establishment and development of the foundation was made by the late. Rev. Dr. Peter Hocken.

Father Peter Hocken

Rev. Dr. Peter Hocken

(born June 22, 1932, died June 10, 2017)

This English priest has developed a deep reflection on understanding the Church in the context of its changes over the past 60 years. Through his fatherly attitude, full of understanding and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, he raised several generations of believers to live in the Church and be the Church. His gaze of a wise man seeing beyond, listening to the Bible and looking at what the Holy Spirit is doing was becoming an inspiration and a new form of thought about the Church. Sharing the depth of his spirit, he left behind a prophetic vision for the Church, which is coming and constantly being renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. His legacy includes a number of publications, books, articles, essays and lectures, centered around four areas that have become core values of the Foundation’s work:

Church of Rev. St. Peter’s is a House of God where all believers in Christ become brothers and sisters, living a reconciled diversity, learning from each other and listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us.

Renewal Movements
He taught in the spirit of Vatican II ecclesiology, noting the role of movements in the renewal of the Church including: ecumenical, charismatic renewal, lay faithful, and above all, Messianic Jews, which leads us to see the Chosen People correctly.

Thinking about the fullness of the Church, Fr. Peter pointed out His roots in Israel. The nation of the first election is still the subject of God’s action, the nation of the irrevocable covenant, for whom God’s promises are still valid. For Fr. Peter’s Body of Christ is the Church of the Nations and the Church of Israel.

Unity and the Second Coming
Rev. Peter carried a deep desire for Christian unity. He saw us as brothers and disciples of the One Lord. His life has become a wonderful example of the realization of ecumenism of the spirit. In this approach, the source of believers’ unity is Jesus’ own desire “that they may be one.” We are also united by one hope of the Lord’s coming in glory. We can already be a sign of His coming by walking the path of ecumenism and crying Maranatha together. It is the cry of one Bride, the culmination of a common path of unity and reconciliation for both Christians and Jews.


Sylwia Sadlik

Sylwia Sadlik

Foundation President. Sociologist and memory researcher seeking the presence of the past in the present. He leads the “International Messianic Conferences” project and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the foundation – administration and networking. She is the soul of the company and can always be relied upon. He enjoys discovering new culinary flavors and believes that conversations around a shared table best build relationships.


Marek Filipiak

Foundation Vice President. A graphic and web designer by profession. A promoter of creative and out-of-the-box solutions. He leads the “Online Bible School” project and produces and presents audiovisual content and supports technical solutions. He enjoys large spaces – he likes to think back to views from the Negev desert and would like to visit the Golan Heights once again.

Katarzyna Filipiak

Katarzyna Filipiak

Member of the Foundation Board. Psychologist and manager with a passion for inspiring others. At the foundation, he is involved in content creation and editing, and leads the Israel Heritage Project. He enjoys learning about the stories of other people and places, so he likes to travel and make new friends, and in his spare time he enjoys watching biographical films.


Mariusz Orczykowski OFMConv

Chairman of the Foundation Board. Franciscan, theologian, pastor, involved in the ecumenical movement and dialogue with Messianic Jews. Rector and lecturer of the Franciscan High School in Krakow. At the foundation, he is involved in preparing formation programs and lectures. He tries to lead an active lifestyle. He enjoys long-distance travel and climbing in the Polish mountains, and walking, biking or reading a good book on a daily basis.

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